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Emailed: May 14: 3:09pm

Dear All Shook Up Digital Cast and Parents,

The students have been working hard and having fun bringing this story to life virtual style. It has been a new adventure for all of us, and I am very proud of their efforts, not giving up and thinking outside of the box.

Please scroll down and read all, VERY IMPORTANT SHOW INFO

Updates ad of May 14, 2020
Attached is a PDF of your ZOOM RECORDINGS starting Monday, May 18. Several of you have rehearsals all week. Please print out this PDF and make sure I did not leave you out of a scene, if I did, just join the rehearsal. I will be using the same Zoom Link for all rehearsals.

I apologize in advance, if you miss these upcoming ZOOM recordings, I cannot make it up.
I am on a very tight schedule, to be able to deliver the final product by May 22, 2020 at 7PM. I have Zoom recordings Monday - Wed, 10:00am – 5pm (non-stop)

Additionally, please understand if I can not respond to emails during that week. Many questions you have, can be found in the emails, I have sent, the Google ALL SHOOK UP DIGITAL CAST Classroom and the All Shook Up Portal that is located on Millhopper Tech.

The All Shook Up Portal is located on the home page of Millhopper Tech, Click the ALL SHOOK UP Icon.

The login: virtual, Password: elvis
I understand you are receiving many, many emails – please make the show emails a priority starting today, until May 22. Gracias!

I have sent costume pieces and decorations to each of you. The decorations are for you to add some to the white background you are recording in front of.

I am still missing from many of you:
Vocal recordings of songs you are singing

Again, use the vocal recording app on your pc or mac or apple device. Please do not use your phone unless it will save as an MP3 or MP4.

Please be PROMPT
Please do NOT FORGET!
Please be in costume!
Please do not look like you have been up all night! Get Rest!
Please have your hair done!
Please be in a quiet place with no DISTRACTIONS or noise!
Please be in front of your blank wall, with SOME decorations I sent on the backdrop.
Do not use a virtual background, it takes up bandwidth
Please change your name to your character name.
Last, You will receive a formal invitation, but MARK your calendars for Friday, May 22, 2020 at 7PM for the All Shook Up Live Stream. More info to come soon!
Thank you for your support, being a part of this new format and your prompt attention to this email, please email me that you have read and received it.

Please Note: Due to Zoom Show Recordings, you are excused from Zoom Class because you are recording!

Here we goooooooo…
Let’s Rock!

Please email me to let me know you have received this email!!!!

Ms. Sylvia

Emailed: May 11

Hi Digital Cast

Join Zoom Meeting us04web.zoom.us/j/938609742?pwd=Z0pCL1AwaVVEL0hFKy9Vcm5qRDZPZz09 Meeting ID: 938 609 742 Password: 016680

Today, Monday, May 11:
We will record Jailhouse Rock
Please be prepared
Be in a quiet place, no distractions
Have a blank wall behind you
Your Zoom Name must be your Character Name
BE patient with me and yourselves and your cast mates
Work with your limitations

See you soon!

Ms. Sylvia

Emailed April 29
Dear M3S All Shook Up Digital Cast and Parents,

(please scroll down to read all the information - Thanks)

Welcome to a NEW SHOW FORMAT!

I am very happy to be working on this new endeavor with all of you.

The details:
I am researching the best and safest virtual platform to present video and live aspects of the All Shook Up Digital Show.

Since all the students are already familiar with Zoom, we will be using that platform and a streaming service that enhances the Zoom product, bandwidth and allows for a wider audience. The performance will be private, only families that have the link or password will be able to view the performance. I am trying my best to adhere to the date and time of the show, May 22, 2020 at 5:30pm. I will keep you updated.

I will be working with the students to go over videotaping scenes using WeVideo, and using Audacity to tape their vocals and instrumentation.

I need help with: (please respond by May 4, 2020)

Please let me know if you have any 1950's attire at home to wear for this performance? If so, please send me a picture of it.
Boys do you have a solid colored t-shirt (no logos), if yes what color?
Boys do you have hair gel?

I am trying to compile a list, so I can assist those that need help with costumes.

I will be sending some backdrop decorations to each of you via mail, to use for filming of the scenes and take pictures with or in front off, for the playbill.

I have already been working with the leads and featured players after school,.

ENSEMBLE: please let me know if any of you are available to join the after school rehearsals on Mondays 4:15pm - 5:00pm. (Starting May 4th)

I have also created a portal to add all emails, videos, information, and updates.
It is located on Millhopper Tech
The login: virtual
Password: elvis

This is all for this email! Again, please respond as soon as possible. - no later than May 4.

I am looking forward to working with each of you creating this show!

Let's Rock! Oh Baby! Let's Rock!

Ms. Sylvia

Tips for Vocal Recordings on your device.
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